Clothes recycling bank open during lockdown

01.04.2020 - 13:13
Clothes recycling bank open during lockdown
Those wishing to help people in poor countries during this difficult time can donate their used clothes in Klaksvík
Relief agency ‘Eysturhjálp’ delivers aid to distressed regions in Moldova, Ukraine and Romania

Many people see the lockdown situation as an opportunity to tidy up their house and get rid of items they no longer use.

While the country’s waste recycling plants remain open, it may be difficult to figure out what to do with old clothes because the Red Cross and Blue Cross clothes recycling banks are closed during the lockdown.

However, there is a clothes recycling bank in Klaksvík that remains open around the clock.

Based in a garage on Helnabrekka 25, the recycling bank is operated by Anskar Hansen, a member of relief agency ‘Eysturhjálp’ (Eastern aid), which delivers aid to distressed regions in Moldova, Ukraine and Romania.

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”Please make sure that the clothes are clean and in a decent condition – and remember to tie the bags,” he says.

Bags are left to stand untouched for a few days to eliminate any risk of coronavirus infection.

Hansen points out that if there are families in the Faroes who need clothes, they can give him a call on 221903, and he will do what he can to help.


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