Small islands are extra vulnerable to Covid-19

02.04.2020 - 06:41
Small islands are extra vulnerable to Covid-19
Summer cottage owners and others who are planning to spend Easter on one of the outlying islands are urged to reconsider their visit
Skúvoy is one of the small island communities that could be devastated by a single case of Covid-19

With Easter just around the corner, residents on the outlying islands worry that people will flock to the small islands, which could have potentially disastrous consequences.

“We have received many calls from concerned residents in the smaller islands, who worry about the potential influx of visitors over Easter,” says Olga Biskupstø, coordinator at the Outlying Islands Association.

“As small communities, these islands are extra vulnerable to infectious diseases, and most of them have a significant elderly population, so we strongly advise everyone to think twice before visiting the small islands, and to show the utmost care if they do decide to visit.”

Concerns not limited to small islands

Similar concerns have been voiced in larger districts which have so far been relatively unaffected by the corona pandemic.

Suðuroy so far does not have any corona positive cases, and Lív Næs, who lives in Tvøroyri, Suðuroy, says that many Suðuroy residents have expressed concerns about people travelling to the islands.

“I know of many Airbnb hosts here who have refused to accept guests over Easter, and I would personally advise those who wish to spend Easter in Suðuroy to consider staying home instead,” she says.

Tórshavn City Council is also urging people wishing to travel to the islands of Hestur and Nólsoy to reconsider their plans.


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