Petition demands isolation for incoming travellers

15.05.2020 - 06:49
Petition demands isolation for incoming travellers
A petition calling for mandatory self-quarantine for incoming travellers and an end to family quarantine has been submitted to the Prime Minister
Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen receiving the petition from Mary Cazabon (pictured in the middle) and Dagbjørt Hjaltalin

The organisers of a petition to introduce mandatory self-quarantine for incoming travellers yesterday visited the Prime Minister’s office to hand in their lists of 1,376 signatures.

The petition demands that incoming travellers are not placed in voluntary family quarantine, which means they can be in contact with family members, and instead go into mandatory self-quarantine.

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Most of the signatures were collected online which, according to organisers Mary Cazabon and Dagbjørt Hjaltalin has somewhat limited the number of signatures.

”Many of our elderly people, the group who is most vulnerable to COVID-19, do not use the internet, so they have not been able to give us their signature,” said Cazabon.

“This is a shame, but we are happy with the signatures we have received.”


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