Shortage of qualified pedagogues

19.05.2020 - 12:30
Shortage of qualified pedagogues
Last year, only 38 percent of daycare centre staff were qualified pedagogues
Last year, 5,443 children were registered for daycare, 789 more than in 2014

According to the law on daycare centres, at least 66 percent of daycare centre staff are required to be qualified pedagogues.

There is currently a shortage of 335 pedagogues to fulfil this requirement.

These figures were presented to the Parliamentary welfare committee last week as part of the processing of a bill seeking to train more pedagogues specialising in child daycare.

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The percentage of qualified pedagogues in daycare is on a decline. In 2014, the percentage was 45, compared to 37.8 in 2019. The remaining 62.2 percent of last year’s daycare staff were assistants.

A total of 1,418 people worked in daycare last year, and 5,443 children were registered for daycare.

Daycare centres comprise nurseries, kindergartens and recreation centres for children.


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