Runavík Town Council given severe reprimand

20.05.2020 - 12:53
Runavík Town Council given severe reprimand
The Parliamentary Commissioner has reprimanded the council and its mayor for its handling of complaints about noisy ships
Tórbjørn Jacobsen, mayor of Runavík

Runavík Town Council’s statements reveal a lack of respect for its citizens.

This is the view of the Parliamentary Commissioner, who upholds the contention of interest organisation Heimafriður (A quiet home), which argues that Runavík Town Council is disrespecting its citizens by ignoring repeated complaints about noise pollution coming from the harbour.

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This dispute has been going on for more than a year. In May last year, Heimafriður lashed out at Runavík mayor Torbjørn Jacobsen after he gave the following reply to criticism of noisy ships at the Port of Runavík:

“It is unrealistic to expect complete silence in a dynamic society. This will never be the case because that would be a clear sign of industrial decline.”

This, along with the Town Council’s alleged lack of response to citizen complaints about noisy ships, prompted Heimafriður to ask the Parliamentary Commissioner in September to step in.

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The Parliamentary Commissioner has now announced that he upholds Heimafriður’s contention, saying that a town council has a duty to reply to all requests from citizens and interest organisations.

The commissioner is particularly critical of how the council portrays its citizens in a report dated 25 September.

“It is unacceptable for a town council to refer to claimants as ‘whiners for whom pestering their local council is some kind of hobby’.”


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