Small-island residents fearful of visitors

08.08.2020 - 17:30
Small-island residents fearful of visitors
The authorities have been urged to inform tourists about the special Covid-19 challenges facing residents on the small islands
Concerns are growing among locals on the small islands after a Skúvoy resident tested Covid-19 positive earlier this week

With a mostly elderly population and no testing facilities, the outlying islands are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19.

“It is crucial that the authorities inform tourists of our vulnerable position at this difficult and stressful time. We simply cannot provide the usual services because all we really can do right now is to isolate ourselves,” says Olga Biskupstø, coordinator of the Outlying Islands Association.

“Not only is it logistically difficult for us to travel to the mainland to get tested; doing so also involves a high degree of infection risk, so it is absolutely critical that medical staff come out to the small islands as soon as possible.”

Mobile testing team sent out on Tuesday

The health authorities have responded to these concerns, acknowledging small-island residents’ need to feel safe amid this sudden second wave of Covid-19.

On Tuesday, a team of testing personnel will travel by helicopter to each of the small islands to test all the residents.

The plea from the small islands comes after a resident of Skúvoy tested positive this week.

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