Tourists may lack info about Covid situation

11.08.2020 - 05:12
Tourists may lack info about Covid situation
It is difficult to keep all foreign visitors updated on the Covid situation in the Faroes

All inbound travellers are handed updated information on the current situation regarding Covid-19 upon arrival in the country.

But it can be difficult to keep all of them updated, partly because the situation and the guidelines are changing rapidly and partly because many tourists do not have internet access while they are here.

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“We are doing everything we can, for instance by putting up posters at camping sites, posting updates on social media and referring to information on,” says Barbara Samuelsen of Visit Tórshavn.

“We believe that most tourists actively seek information about the Covid situation, but it is still possible that we’re not reaching everyone on a daily basis.”

For more information about Covid-19 in the Faroes, visit


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