Latest Covid-19 demographics announced

13.08.2020 - 09:20
Latest Covid-19 demographics announced
The capital region has been hit hardest by the second wave of Covid-19

As in the first Covid wave earlier this year, the capital region (Suðurstreymoy) features most prominently in the statistics for the second wave.

According to the latest figures on, Suðurstreymoy has the highest number of cases, with 65, followed by Eysturoy (12), Suðuroy (5), Vágar (3), and Norðoyggjar and Sandoy (1). There is currently no active Covid case registered in Norðstreymoy.

The location of the remaining cases has not yet been specified.

Age and gender

Again, like during the first Covid wave, the 20-29 age group dominates the statistics, with 46 cases registered so far. Next up is the 40-49 group (22), followed by the 50-59s (19), the 30-39s (18), the 10-19s (13), the 70-79s (8), the 60-69s (7) and 0-9s and 80+ groups (1). The remaining cases have so far not been specified.

According to the latest figures, the gender split among those infected is 62 percent men and 31 percent women. About 7 percent have not yet been specified.

114 active cases

The completed analysis of Monday’s testing revealed a total of 13 positive tests, bringing the total of active cases to 114.

The daily figures of registered positive tests this month are: 2, 14, 38, 16, 11, 7, 10, 13, 3 (this last number is the provisional figure from Tuesday’s testing round, from which more than 1,000 tests are yet to be analysed).

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