Latest second-wave Covid total: 137

14.08.2020 - 08:27
Latest second-wave Covid total: 137
After an encouraging drop in daily Covid-19 cases following last Wednesday’s alarming 38 figure, the numbers are now starting to rise again

There are currently 137 active Covid-19 cases in the Faroes, according to the latest figures published yesterday afternoon.

Although not all tests from Tuesday and Wednesday have been analysed, the number of new cases appears to be rising.

Fourteen of the 2,444 tests carried out on Tuesday came out positive. But 156 of these tests have not yet been analysed.

Some 2,100 tests were conducted on Wednesday. The provisional outcome of these tests is 12 positive tests, with 701 tests still awaiting analysis, according to the latest information.

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The health authorities said on Sunday that most people who had tested positive for Covid-19 were already in quarantine, concluding that this indicated a certain degree of control over the situation.

But the chief medical officer has since said that this may not be the case and that the virus is still in circulation.

Weekend testing schedule

Testing will take place at the National Hospital’s new testing station tomorrow between 1pm and 3pm. The testing station will be closed on Sunday.

No testing will be available in Klaksvík and Suðuroy over the weekend.

The health authorities are monitoring the situation closely and may revise the testing schedule according to demand.

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