Minister wants to scrap tunnel toll charges

22.10.2020 - 16:46
Minister wants to scrap tunnel toll charges
Travel subsidies are now almost at the same level as the running costs for the country’s two subsea tunnels
Jørgen Niclasen, Minister of Finance and Transport, vows to get rid of the toll charges for driving through the Vágar and Norðoyar subsea tunnels soon

It doesn't make much sense anymore to charge people for driving through the country’s two subsea tunnel.

The travel subsidies and the tunnel running costs are now close to balancing each other out, said finance and transport minister Jørgen Niclasen in yesterday’s Parliament meeting.

“Even the tunnel toll system itself forms a significant part of the running costs, so there’s really not much point anymore in continuing to charge for driving through the tunnels.”

Drivers travelling to work through either the Vágar or the Norðoyar subsea tunnel currently receive DKK 8.45 in state subsidy for each one-way trip.


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