Handball player tests Covid positive

28.11.2020 - 15:40
Handball player tests Covid positive
A player on the H71 U-16 team has tested Covid positive. All the club’s games have been postponed or cancelled
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Hoyvík-based handball club H71 has postponed or cancelled all its games today after a U-16 player tested positive for Covid-19.

The player had been quarantined for ten days and tested negative on day ten.

However, a follow-up test on day 14 prompted by a family member contracting the flu turned out positive.

As a result, H71 has cancelled all its U-14 and U-16 games today. These teams played together earlier this week.

Contact tracing underway

”We have sent the coaches of both teams for testing immediately,” says H71 chairwoman Anna Dam.

“The rest of the teams will get tested tonight, and the chief medical officer has initiated contact tracing. That’s all I know at the moment.”

A total of two positive Covid tests were registered yesterday. One is part of a known chain of infection, and the other one tested positive upon arrival to the country.

There are currently four active Covid cases in the country. For further information about Covid-19 in the Faroes, visit corona.fo.


Translated by prosa.fo

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