Changes to coach timetables

04.03.2021 - 17:14
Changes to coach timetables
Complaints from bus and coach passengers since the opening of the Tórshavn-Eysturoy subsea tunnel have prompted plans to change the timetables

Coach routes between Tórshavn and northern parts of the country are due to change soon.

Acknowledging the changed traffic patterns since the new subsea tunnel was opened, public transport company Strandfaraskip Landsins has suggested the following changes to its coach timetables.

Route 400 between Klaksvík and Tórshavn will be going through the old Streymoy-Eysturoy bridge near Oyrarbakki as it did before the opening of the subsea tunnel.

Express service

A new express coach service between Tórshavn and Klaksvík, Route 401, will be running through the new subsea tunnel mornings and afternoons, with planned stops in Leirvík, Gøtudalur and Runavík.

Route 450 will be a circular route running through the new subsea tunnel from Tórshavn to Strendur to Runavík and back to Tórshavn seven times daily on weekdays. This route will also be available on weekends.

The timetable changes, scheduled to take effect on 1 April, are open for public consultation. The consultation deadline is 17 March, according to Strandfaraskip Landsins.


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