SavnsGull (English)

15.07.2016 - 09:39
SavnsGull (English)
A project to save the archive and the Faroese radio and television.
Mynd: Savnsmynd  

The archive in the Faroese radio and television has to be saved. The culture, history and the stories of the nation are about to disappear. Tape machines are getting old and there aren’t many left on the world market, and the sound and images on the tapes are smoldering. The big challenge is to get everything digital before it’s too late.

Saving all the archive.

The archive shall be the most used archive in the Faroe Islands.

The Archive
Briefly, the archive has kept a glimpse of everything that has happened in the Faroes since 6. February 1957 when the radio station was founded and until today. In April 1984 the television station was founded, and from that day we also have almost everything that has happened in the Faroes one live images.

As a small nation, the journalists have been telling stories about inland and foreign affairs, what happens in trade and much more. And maybe more important for us at individuals, the journalists have been around the Islands, telling the story of everyday life in the Faroes. Here we can hear our family and loved ones.

This is an archive, that can get our nation to come together as one, and as a family, we can be joined together and hear a family member or loved ones. Do to the small country, almost everyone in the Faroes has been on the radio or television at one time.

The archive of the Faroe Islands radio and television unites the Faroese People – if it’s saved.


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