New integration portal launched

22.01.2020 - 08:18
New integration portal launched
The Immigration office has launched a new portal dedicated to integration is a much-needed information hub for locals and newcomers alike, immigration minister Helgi Abrahamsen said at yesterdays’ launch.

He said that as the number of foreign nationals with a non-Nordic background living in the Faroes has now exceeded 1,700, it is high time to start working in a more structured manner with regards to immigration in the Faroe Islands.

“Integration is a complex process, not only for the newcomers but also for the locals,” he said. 

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“Successful integration requires a great degree of cooperation where we learn from one another’s experiences. And this portal is an important step in improving this cooperation.”

Since 2012, an average of 46 foreign nationals with a non-Nordic background have been granted permanent residency in the Faroes per year. 

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