Safety precautions for confirmation season

08.09.2020 - 12:17
Safety precautions for confirmation season
Health officials urge extra caution as numerous confirmation parties will be held over the next month
This year's confirmation ceremonies will have a maximum of ten confirmands each. Archive photo.

Confirmation ceremonies will be held in 35 churches across the country every Sunday until 11 October.

While the churches have restricted the number of confirmands per ceremony to ten in compliance with the Covid-19 safety requirements, the rules for the subsequent confirmation parties are less clear, except for the official maximum limit of 100 people gathering in one place.

Health officials are therefore reminding party guests to pay extra attention to distance requirements.

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Guests are required to keep a distance of at least one metre. If singing takes place at the party, this distance should be increased to two metres, due to the increased risk of harmful droplets coming out of the singers’ mouths.

Attending more than one confirmation party on the same day is discouraged, as this increases the risk of parties turning into so-called superspreader events, say chief medical officers Lars Fodgaard Møller and public health professor Pál Weihe.

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