No nightlife for the next couple of weeks

07.01.2021 - 18:42
No nightlife for the next couple of weeks
The government today announced a list of new Covid-19 restrictions

To guard the Faroe Islands against the highly contagious UK mutant Covid-19 strain, we must endure a few more weeks of restrictive measures until a sufficient number of people have been vaccinated.

So said Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen today as he announced a revised set of Covid restrictions.

Here are the key points:

- Nightlife establishments (bars, nightclubs and restaurants) are again required to close at 10pm until 17 January.

- All non-essential international travel is discouraged.

- We should limit our social interactions and stay within our own social bubble to the extent possible.

- Anyone feeling even mild symptoms is urged to get tested immediately.

A more detailed list of restrictive guidelines is available here.

The Prime minister added that further restrictions may be introduced should the Covid situation worsen.


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