Higher toll compensation for tunnel commuters

11.01.2021 - 11:51
Higher toll compensation for tunnel commuters
The transport minister vows to increase the toll compensation for those commuting regularly through the new Eysturoy tunnel

The government wants to pay increased toll compensations to people who travel to and from work via the Tórshavn-Eysturoy subsea tunnel.

Jørgen Niclasen, the Minister of Transport and Finance, is preparing a bill on the matter. He says that although it will take about a month before the bill reaches Parliament, the revised compensations will apply retroactively from today’s date.

The proposed change will also apply to those commuting through the upcoming Streymoy-Sandoy subsea tunnel.

Night closures 

The Tórshavn-Eysturoy tunnel will be closed for all traffic due to scheduled maintenance and repair work every night 7pm-7am from tomorrow to Tuesday 19 January.

For details on tunnel tolls, etc. click here.

The Faroese version of this article is available here.

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