New Covid guidelines announced

05.03.2021 - 13:09
New Covid guidelines announced
The authorities this morning announced the easing of certain Covid restrictions at a news conference
Pictured at this morning’s press conference (from left): Police chief Michael Boolsen, Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen and medical advisor Bjarni á Steig

Two key Covid restrictions have now been eased.

Firstly, the maximum limit of people gathering in groups has been increased to 200, provided that such events occur under controlled conditions that allow for relatively easy contact tracing.

Mass events should be organised in consultation with the health authorities.

Larger gatherings allowed

Secondly, fully vaccinated people will from 1 April no longer be required to self-quarantine upon arrival in the Faroes. A pre-requisite is that at least eight days have passed since the second shot of the vaccine was administered.

Incoming travellers who have not been fully vaccinated are still required to self-isolate for six days after arrival and then take a follow-up test.

“The Covid-19 situation is good at the moment, but it is crucial that we continue to respect the health guidelines on social distancing and hygiene,” said Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen.

Questions from the floor

Q: Are any further rescue packages planned for the tourism industry?

A: Prime Minister: “Rescue packages have not been deemed essential during of the off-season. The tourism industry has had the option of applying for support from Danish funds. Most tourism operators have managed to stay afloat during the pandemic. But we are fully aware that the industry is struggling, and we have arranged a meeting with the Tourism Association next week to discuss this further. I hope that our new guidelines will go some way towards helping the tourism industry back on its feet.”


Q: How does the Prime Minister intend to ensure that the vaccination programme is adhered to?

A: Prime Minister: “Some mistakes have been made, and the necessary steps have been taken to ensure that such mistakes are not repeated. We are now placing all our efforts on making sure that our vaccination programme will go ahead without complications.”


Q: Can you specify the 200-people maximum? Will there be differential treatment between vaccinated and non-vaccinated people?

A: Prime Minister: “As long as mass events are held under controlled conditions, the number 200 will apply regardless of vaccination status. We will be reviewing this policy as the vaccination programme advances.”


Q: What is being done to secure more vaccines?

A: Prime Minister: “From what we hear, we will be receiving significantly larger amounts of vaccines in the coming weeks.”


The Prime Minister was reluctant to give detailed plans for the summer, including details about music festivals, as the new guidelines will be reviewed after Easter, or as soon as any unexpected changes occur in the country’s Covid situation.

Vaccination statistics

The latest vaccination figures on, updated this morning, show that 4,251 people (8 percent of the population) have received the first shot of the vaccine, while 3,312 (6 percent) have received the second shot.

No new Covid cases were registered yesterday.

For further information about Covid-19 in the Faroes, visit


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