Pedagogues announce 24-hour strike

01.06.2021 - 06:45
Pedagogues announce 24-hour strike
Talks between pedagogue union and government have broken down

Staff at all day nurseries (vøggustovur) will go on strike from Thursday 7am to Friday 7am.

The Pedagogue Union finds it unacceptable that Municipal trade union KAF and the finance ministry have rejected a proposed solution to the longstanding staff shortage problems in the daycare system.

A press release issued by the Pedagogue Union yesterday reads as follows: 

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“KAF and the Ministry of Finance rejected our draft settlement today. This indicates a refusal to take our staff shortage problems seriously and a complete unwillingness to solve this massive societal problem, which the Economic Council recently outlined.

Our staff shortage is a challenge which we need to solve in cooperation with the authorities.

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We made big sacrifices in our latest draft settlement. It saddens us that instead of carefully considering our proposal, they unconditionally rejected it after a long weekend of hesitation.

As our members are forced to live with this problem on a daily basis, we know the extent of the problem and what needs to be done to make daycare work an attractive line of work for young people and for those who have already chosen this as their profession. Our draft settlement seeks to solve this massive problem.”

Responding to the press release, KAF and the Ministry of Finance say they rejected the new draft settlement because it was too similar to the previous one.


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