Help is at hand for hungry families

22.09.2022 - 16:19
Help is at hand for hungry families
More and more people are feeling the squeeze of rising living costs
“Yvirskot til tín” (“Surplus for you”) is a Facebook group, which seeks to distribute surplus food to those who need it the most

As we reported a month ago, the Faroese Red Cross is seeing rapidly rising demand for food and clothes aid.

Other charitable organisations, including Tórshavn’s Herbergið homeless shelter the City Church are also seeing a great increase in requests for support – see below for contact details.

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A perhaps less-known source of support in these days of rising living costs is the Facebook group “Yvirskot til tín” (“Surplus for you”), which seeks to distribute surplus food to those who need it the most.

Page administrator Tanya Møller describes the group as follows: “Yvirskot til tín” is a group where you can search for food or share your surplus food with others. The network mostly centres around Tórshavn, but everyone is of course welcome to participate.

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“Your reason for sharing may be that you have cooked more than you need, or maybe you simply want to help someone who cannot afford to buy food. Perhaps you didn’t eat that one steak or those potatoes or perhaps some of your food will expire before you get around to eating it, or maybe you have some leftovers from a party...?

“You’re also welcome to share any personal care products that you’re not using. What’s important is that you give what you can spare, take what you need (because you need it!!), and that we are all nice and polite to one another.”

As with other Faroese Facebook groups, Faroese language skills are not a direct requirement for participation as most members can read and write messages in English. Note, however, that most posts are written in Faroese.


The Red Cross food and clothes aid can be contacted by phone at 283670, the Herbergið shelter at 517301 and the City Church at 226126.

Regrettably and admittedly, this is all a bit Tórshavn-centric. For information about services elsewhere in the country, the Red Cross headquarters are a good place to start – call 283630.


Read the Faroese version of this article here.

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