Smoking on the rise among youths

16.03.2023 - 09:54
Smoking on the rise among youths
Cancer Association has launched new information campaign on cancer prevention

Young people in the Faroes, and in other Nordic countries too, smoke more than they used to.

“After many years with a declining trend, the number of young smokers is now going up again, according to recent European studies,” says Dr Bjarni á Steig, the chairman of the Faroese Cancer Association.

“This upward trend is also evident in surveys we have made here in the Faroes.”

Focus on prevention

The Cancer Association yesterday handed the health minister four main recommendations on cancer prevention.

“Regarding smoking, especially with the young people, we have two main focus areas: we can adjust the price of tobacco products and we can offer subsidies for nicotine replacement therapy,” says the doctor.

“We should, of course, also continue to provide information about the health risks of smoking.”


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