A bad trip to Denmark

17.03.2023 - 09:03
A bad trip to Denmark
Passengers claim to have been inadequately informed. Airline apologises

An Atlantic Airways flight from Vágar to Billund, Denmark, on 13 March caused a great deal of frustration for some passengers.

Billund was hit by stormy weather, and passengers were told to expect a bumpy flight.

Many of the passengers KvF spoke to said it was an unpleasant flight, with many people crying and some even vomiting.

After two failed landing attempts in Billund, the pilot turned towards Copenhagen Airport where the passengers departed.

They were offered to spend the night at a hotel and then fly back to Billund the following morning.

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Not all passengers approved of this suggestion, causing the airline to change its plan and ask all passengers to travel by coach to Billund in the middle of the night, despite reports of poor weather and difficult driving conditions.

Some passengers say they were poorly informed by the airline, claiming that the cabin crew gave conflicting information and that no information was given through airline’s emergency information line.

Some passengers were reportedly left waiting two hours for the last coach to pick them up for the trip to Billund.

Airline apologises

The airline says it is not aware of the inadequate communication and apologises for any inconveniences.

“Many passengers accepted the offer to spend the night at a hotel in Copenhagen,” says Atlantic CEO Jóhanna á Bergi.

“It is our responsibility to provide proper information in situations like this, and I am sorry to hear that not everyone felt adequately informed.”


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