More inflation relief coming up

23.03.2023 - 04:29
More inflation relief coming up
Households can soon apply for a one-time payment of DKK 12,000
Sirið Stenberg, the Minister of Social Affairs and Culture

Parliament yesterday unanimously approved a new inflation relief package.

This means that low-income households can soon apply for a one-time payment of up to DKK 12,000.

Also included in the law proposal is a change in the family allowance in which an additional DKK 750 is paid out per month for each child from 1 June to the end of this year.

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“Applications begin the day after the law has been adopted,” says Sirið Stenberg, the Minister of Social Affairs and Culture.

Application details will be posted on the website of Almannaverkið (the Department of Social Services). If the information is not available in English, the relevant information can be found through the contacts at the bottom of the page.

“We have learned many lessons from our last round of inflation relief,” says the minister.

“One of these lessons is that the application deadline was too short last time. So, this time, we will extend the deadline to 1 July 2023.”


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