Among Europe’s fastest 5G networks

29.03.2023 - 07:34
Among Europe’s fastest 5G networks
New mobile network will be impressive, but there are further delays, says Føroya Tele

Early tests indicate that the upcoming 5G network in the Faroes will be among the fastest in Europe.

“The new 5G network will give us 5-10 times faster internet along with lots of other exciting technical features,” says Símun Skaalum, CEO of FT Samskifti, a subsidiary of Føroya Tele, which is developing the new 5G network in collaboration with Nema and Swedish telecoms firm Ericsson.

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The initial plan was to have the 5G network up and running at the start of this year, but now it looks like it will not be ready until late spring/early summer.

“The first part of the project was delayed due to the Covid pandemic, and now we’re seeing further delays due to the global chip shortage and supply chain issues,” says Skaalum.

“The project cost itself will not be reflected in higher prices for the end user. We like to think of the 5G network as an ongoing development of our mobile internet network.”

Although FT Samskifti and Nema are working together on the 5G project and will thus be offering the same bandwidth, they will be competing on services.


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