Tjørnuvík tunnel in the pipeline

29.03.2023 - 07:20
Tjørnuvík tunnel in the pipeline
A tunnel would improve safety, say locals after DKK 1m has been allocated for planning
The road to Tjørnuvík is congested in the summer and unsafe in the winter, say locals

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, Tjørnuvík receives thousands of tourists every year.

This causes a great deal of traffic congestion in the summer season as the road to the village is tiny.

And, in the winter season, the road causes other complications, too.

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“I always need to be extra careful when I drive to Tjørnuvík because there is a constant risk of rocks falling down from the mountain,” says Birgir Davidsen, who regularly drives to and from the village.


The planned tunnel will be 1,360 metres long (red line)


A tunnel to Tjørnuvík has been on the agenda for years, but it is not until now that money is being set aside for it.

The 2023 state budget proposal includes a DKK 1 million allocation for this purpose.

According to a cost estimate from 2018, the total project cost would be about DKK 125-150 million.


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