Energy drink sells for hundreds of krónur online

30.03.2023 - 07:46
Energy drink sells for hundreds of krónur online
A classic case of low supply and high demand, says media analyst

Every day, hundreds of people flock to Rótikassin, arguably the country’s most popular online marketplace, looking for a good bargain.

But it’s not always a bargain that people are looking for. In the past few days, energy drinks of the Prime brand have been selling in the Faroes for up to DKK 400 per half-litre can.

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Niels Uni Dam, CEO of advertising firm Nudlavirkið, has looked at the story behind Prime energy drinks.

“Prime was launched by two men, Logan Paul and KSI, who made sure the drink was always in short supply,” he explains.

“This has resulted in long queues outside stores where Prime has been sold.” No Faroese wholesalers represent Prime, which further shrinks the supply. This is why these drinks are selling for hundreds of krónur online, he says.


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