Tourists to pay even more for visiting Mykines

02.05.2023 - 04:15
Tourists to pay even more for visiting Mykines
Foreign tourists will now pay up to DKK 500 on top of the regular travel fare to Mykines

Foreign tourists have for some years been paying a special fee when visiting one of the country’s top tourist destinations, Mykines.

A DKK 100 hiking fee was introduced two years ago. This fee increased to DKK 250 last year, and on Saturday, it will now go up to DKK 400, or DKK 500 if the trip has not been booked in advance.

This is done to preserve the nature as the ever-increasing number of tourists is taking its toll on wildlife and the terrain, according to the locals.

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Tours around the islands will be organised differently, and a guide will be present whenever possible.

Tours from the village to e.g. the lighthouse will pass through a fixed route starting at the village school.

Tours inside the village will be organised in a way that causes the least possible disruption to the locals.

Work is underway to turn the village school into an information centre for the summer season.


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