Reiley bows out in semi-final

12.05.2023 - 06:19
Reiley bows out in semi-final
Everything went as it should, except the voting, says Faroese singer
Rani ‘Reiley’ Petersen is proud of his performance, despite missing out on a place in Saturday’s Eurovision final. Photos: Bjarni Árting Rubeksen

Reiley delivered an impressive show in the second Eurovision semi-final yesterday.

But once all the votes were in, it was clear that Denmark was out. "I am obviously a bit disappointed that I didn’t reach the final,” says the Faroese singer, who has secured a place in Faroese music books as the first Faroese artist to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest.

“I did everything I could, and I’m really proud of my performance.”

Rather than dwelling on the disappointment, Reiley hopes he has helped pave the way for Denmark finally breaking its “Eurovision curse” in the coming years.

"I really feel that what I did on the stage is exactly what I wanted to do. I’m proud of what I did. I hope the Faroese people feel some of this pride, too”.

The final starts tomorrow evening at 8pm. Watch the show live on KvF’s TV channel or stream it live here.


Read the Faroese versions of this article here and here.

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