Klaksvík residents want better traffic conditions

17.05.2023 - 13:42
Klaksvík residents want better traffic conditions
Mayor says he is surprised at how unhappy residents are with driving in the city

People in Klaksvík are not happy with parking, roads and pavements in the city.

This became clear when the results of a residents’ survey were published last month.

The city council sent 1,600 questionnaires to randomly selected residents aged 18 and above, asking what areas the city council should prioritise over the next two years and what areas need the most improvement.

Poor traffic conditions

Just under 800 people responded, and they expressed a great deal of discontent with traffic conditions in the city.

“I must say I’m rather surprised about this,” said Klaksvík mayor Karl Johansen.

“We know that traffic conditions in Klaksvík are not ideal, but this certainly gives us something to think about.”

Housing for the elderly

Residents also called for improvement in elderly care, especially with regards to housing – a response which came as less of a surprise to the mayor.

“Most municipalities, especially the larger ones, have a big task on their hands to provide adequate housing for the elderly,” he said.

“We are still adapting to the challenge that arose when the administration of elderly care was transferred from the government to local authorities in 2015. We are working hard to address the shortage of housing for the elderly.”

Read the full report here (in Faroese only)


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