Further decline in church membership

19.05.2023 - 10:53
Further decline in church membership
Membership figure has dropped 5 percent in the past decade and just over 1 percent in the past year

The percentage of members of Fólkakirkjan, the Faroese National Evangelical Lutheran Church, has been on a steady decline for many years.

According to new figures from Statistics Faroe Islands, 77 percent of the Faroese population are currently members of the Fólkakirkjan. Last year’s percentage was 78.1 percent, down from 82.1 percent ten years ago and 83.8 percent 20 years ago.

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Although the percentage figure has been on a steady decline, the sharp population increase in recent years has resulted in a slight real-term increase in memberships every year from 2015 to 2022.

However, this figure is now also falling, going from 41,827 members this time last year to the current figure of 41,729.


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