Gender-specific titles for politicians

22.05.2023 - 11:33
Gender-specific titles for politicians
The new titles will come into force at the end of July
Bjørt Samuelsen backed the proposal to introduce gender-specific job titles for politicians. Her title will change from ‘chairman of the Løgting’ to ‘chairwoman of the Løgting’. Photo: Bjarni Árting Rubeksen

Parliament last week approved a bill to introduce gender-specific job titles for MPs and government ministers.

Up to now, male and female MPs have had the official title of ‘løgtingsmaður’ (direct translation: ‘parliament man’) and ministers of both sexes were referred to as ‘landsstýrismaður’ (direct translation: ‘government man’).

The new law, which comes into force on 29 July, will introduce gender-specific titles, i.e. female MPs will take on the official title of ‘løgtingskvinna’ (direct translation: 'parliament woman') and female ministers will be referred to as ‘landsstýriskvinna’ (direct translation: 'government woman').

Gender-neutral titles such as løgtingsfólk (direct translation: 'parliament person') will be used as collective terms for members of Parliament.


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