Fish factory unemployment system set to change

24.05.2023 - 13:47
Fish factory unemployment system set to change
Employment office ALS wants to ease the transition from its fish factory (FV) system to the regular unemployment system
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While unemployment is at an all-time low, many people, mostly migrant workers, are locked in the FV system and are unable to look for other jobs.

This has prompted the ALS management to call on the government to change the system.

The FV system is a type of unemployment benefit covering temporary unemployment for fish factory workers.

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The main change seeks to shorten the time required to transition from the FV system to the regular unemployment system, which will result in higher benefits as well as enabling claimants to seek other work.

Further details will be announced if and when the proposed changes are approved.

Read more about unemployment benefits on ALS’s comprehensive English-language section on its website or contact ALS by phone on 349550 or by email


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