Food waste turns into energy

02.06.2023 - 15:04
Food waste turns into energy
Biogas company has had successful trials with recovering energy from food waste
Food waste is converted into energy using a process called anaerobic digestion (AD). The waste is treated at a special AD plant where it is broken down so that it gives off biogas. This methane-rich gas is then used to create new energy

Biogas company Førka is now able to convert food waste from industry into energy.

This comes after a successful trial project involving Førka, hotels, wholesales and Tórshavn municipality.

”This project shows that we have the necessary equipment and the capacity to produce energy from food that would otherwise be thrown away,” says Førka’s operational manager Fróði Mortensen.

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”In this project, we asked our partners to separate food scraps from their waste, and then representatives from Tórshavn municipality deliver the food waste to us.”

The next step consists of getting other partners such as grocery stores to send food waste to the biogas plant.


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