Hiking fees for tourists in Kalsoy

07.07.2023 - 09:18
Hiking fees for tourists in Kalsoy
Tourists will soon have to pay to visit Kalsoy’s Kallur lighthouse. Faroese residents can access it free of charge
Hikers at the Kallurin tourist hotspot in Kalsoy. Archive photo

A toll gate will be set up next week at the Kallur lighthouse, made famous across the world in the latest James Bond movie.

The area has become so popular now that about 90 percent of people who contact Visit Norðoy ask about the Kallur lighthouse.

This popularity has prompted local farmer Jóhannus Kallsgarð, who owns the land, to set up a toll gate in the area and only allow daytime access.

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“This is a necessary measure,” says Theresa Turidardóttir Kreutzmann, who heads Visit Norðoy.

“Nature preservation is the primary objective. But limited access will also serve as a safety measure because last year there were 12 instances of personal injury for hikers in the area.”

Income from the toll gate will be used on maintenance such as repairing the worn-down footpath to the lighthouse.


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