17 people assessed for gender identity

22.09.2023 - 06:29
17 people assessed for gender identity
Ages range from 18 to 34, with one-third assigned male at birth and two-thirds assigned female at birth
Health minister Margit Stórá responds to MP’s enquiry about gender identity issues

In the past five years, Faroese health authorities have referred 17 people to the Danish Centre for Gender Identity for assessment.

The total cost of these gender identity assessments has been DKK 170,000.

On top of that comes an undisclosed sum for travel, accommodation and medical follow-up for those who qualified for treatment.

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These are the key points in health minister Margit Stórá’s reply to MP Jenis av Rana, who enquired about what authority the health minister had “to send healthy people abroad for medical treatment”.

The minister cited the Hospitals Act as the basis for this authority, noting that the act allows for treatment, assessments and screenings to be carried out even when there is no clear evidence of illness.

“Transgender people are those whose gender identity does not match their assigned sex at birth,” she said.


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