Arnheim – a bohemian camp in Suðuroy

26.09.2023 - 10:38
Arnheim – a bohemian camp in Suðuroy
Free-spirited man has set up what he calls an autonomous zone in Vágur, Suðuroy
Happy camper: Arnfinn á Birtuni

In Copenhagen, they have Christiania. A similar, though much tinier, version of Christiania has now popped up in Vágur.

Arnheim is a new bohemian camp set up by Arnfinn á Birtuni.

One of the country’s most prominent cannabis advocates, Arnfinn co-founded ‘the campaign for the right to choose cannabis’ a few years ago.

KvF’s youth radio team ‘Biit’ caught up with him for a quick phone chat.

No societal restrictions

“I’m enjoying myself here in my own space, my little autonomous zone,” he explains.

“I wanted to set up a camp where I and similarly minded people can live authentically without societal restrictions and without having to ask for permission.”

When Biit spoke to Arnfinn, he was on his own. But he welcomes visitors.

“I don’t charge any taxes here. But if you want to come and visit, it would be nice if you brought along some sticks or dry wood for the barrel fires.”

Youths chip in

Arnheim is not Arnfinn’s home, and he is not there all the time.

When he returned to Arnheim after a recent trip to Tórshavn, he found that some teenage boys were visiting his camp.

“They were building a table and a bench, which was nice to see. But then suddenly police officers arrived and asked the boys to leave because I was a bad influence on them. That was not so nice,” he explains.

“I’ve been told that the police told the boys not to encourage me in what I’m doing. But such a message will backfire, I’m sure.”

A child-friendly place

Arnfinn describes Arnheim as an open space that is 100% child-friendly.

“I sometimes bring my own children here. It’s a nice place for young people to hang out,” he says.

“What I do personally is not really relevant. There are no illegal substances here. I occasionally smoke marihuana that has been approved for medical use.”

Arnheim is located somewhere near the lake by the football ground in Vágur. The exact location? If it’s dark, follow the barrel fires or just follow the smoke.

A short video from Arnheim is available here.


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