Clarification sought on airline’s hotel plans

10.04.2018 - 11:56
Clarification sought on airline’s hotel plans
The Trade and Industry Committee wants answers regarding Atlantic Airways’ plan to build a hotel in Tórshavn.
Mynd: Savnsmynd  

The Minister of Trade and Industry has received eight questions from the Trade and Industry Committee regarding the national airline’s plans to build a hotel in Tórshavn.

This is a matter of principle, which is why we have called on the minister to answer eight questions regarding Atlantic Airways’ plans to build a hotel, said Bjørt Samuelsen, who heads the Trade and Industry Committee.

“Atlantic Airways is a state-owned enterprise, and we believe it is right to bring up these questions with the minister,” she said.

The questions include whether hotel construction is in agreement with the airline’s statutes and how ticket prices will be affected in case the investment does not pay off.

“We believe and hope that Atlantic Airways will continue to regard cheap tickets as a top priority,” said Samuelsen.

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