Airport’s RNP system ready

14.05.2018 - 13:21
Airport’s RNP system ready
New technology designed to improve flight regularity is now ready to be taken into use at Vágar Airport

Vágar Airport has installed new so-called required navigation performance (RNP) technology, which allows aircraft to fly a specific path between two 3D-defined points in space.

RNP technology is also useful in areas where poor visibility is a common problem.

Any modern airport requires this technology, says Vágar Airport CEO Gudny Langgaard.

Atlantic Airways has been using its own RNP system since 2012, at a total cost of some DKK 30 million.

Jóhanna á Bergi, CEO of Atlantic Airways, is critical of Vágar Airport’s decision to install this technology, saying this is to be regarded as direct support of Atlantic’s rival airline, SAS.

Langgaard disagrees: “We are a modern airport, and as such we wish to use the latest technology. We want to make our airport accessible to all, so I don’t believe we are weakening Atlantic Airways’ competitiveness. This is a service that we are providing to airlines flying to the Faroe Islands.”

Use of the RNP system requires authorisation from the Danish transport authorities, and SAS is currently awaiting this authorisation.

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