Analysis: Klaksvík tunnel work is most urgent

03.07.2018 - 17:59
Analysis: Klaksvík tunnel work is most urgent
An infrastructure task group recommends that tunnel work in and around Klaksvík should be prioritised because the roads are outdated

Work on new tunnels Norður um Fjall (Klaksvík-Árnafjørður and Árnafjørður-Norðtoftir) is scheduled to start in 2022.


However, a task group which has analysed the national infrastructure now advises the government to prioritise the Norður um Fjall project over tunnel work in Suðuroy and Sandoy.


The task group, appointed by the government on 17 May, has now completed its analysis, which in addition to geological studies also included various financing models.


“It is too early to predict the results of the political discussions on this matter, but if we can find a political consensus, the Norður um Fjall tunnels could be completed ahead of schedule,” said Prime Minister Aksel V. Johannesen.


The Prime Minister added the government is seeking broad political support for the project, which is why the opposition has also been asked to join the discussions.

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