Hi-tech safety features in tunnels

10.07.2018 - 08:43
Hi-tech safety features in tunnels
The Eysturoy and the Sandoy subsea tunnels will feature sophisticated safety systems

They Eysturoy and Sandoy tunnel company has accepted an offer to carry out electric work in both subsea tunnels.

Norwegian firm Roxel has, together with El-Service in Skála, been commissioned to do the work for DKK 150 million. Two tenders were received, and there was a DKK 10 million difference between the two.

Lights will be installed in the tunnels, along with a variety of safety features.

The light systems save energy by having the ceiling lights shine brighter when a vehicle is approaching and then fading again once it has passed.

Cameras will monitor the road so that if a vehicle were to drop something onto the road, the system sends a message to workers who then come and clear the way for other vehicles.

A contract has also been signed for pump equipment to be used in the tunnels. Two tenders were received. KJ Hydraulik won the tender and will install the pump systems for DKK 10 million.

A month ago, drilling of the Eysturoy tunnel reached the halfway point, and work on the Sandoy tunnel commenced a few weeks ago in Traðardalur in Sandoy.

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