SAS had 25 cancellations or delays this year

13.07.2018 - 14:07
SAS had 25 cancellations or delays this year
With no access to Vágar Airport’s flight regularity technology, SAS aircraft struggle to land in dense fog

Of the 600 scheduled flights on the Faroe Islands route in 2018, 25 have been either cancelled or delayed, according to SAS’ PR manager Mariam Skovfoged.

Vágar Airport declines to confirm or deny these figures. The airport’s CEO, Gudny Langgaard, says she will not disclose details about the airport’s clients.

Many passengers have been inconvenienced by irregularities in SAS’ flights. A recent example is a cancellation due to dense fog at the airport when Tórshavn-based football club B36 was due to travel to Gibraltar for its Europa League game in June.

Vágar Airport recently installed an RNP system, and Atlantic Airways has its own. But SAS is still awaiting approval from the Danish Transport Authority to use the airport’s system.

RNP stands for required navigation performance. This technology allows aircraft to fly a specific path between two 3D-defined points in space. RNP technology is also useful in areas where poor visibility is a common problem.

Kringvarp Føroya has contacted the Danish Transport Authority for a comment.

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