Plan to limit unions’ right to strike

02.08.2018 - 15:10
Plan to limit unions’ right to strike
The government is investigating ways to avoid industrial strikes putting lives and social assets at risk

The Prime Minister wishes to restrict the powers of trade unions to take industrial action.

Prime Minister Aksel Johannesen has called on the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Labour to look at ways to minimise the societal impact of industrial strikes.

Johannesen has requested a clear legal framework for strike situations where lives and important societal values are in jeopardy.

Discuss the proposed changes

Óluva í Gong, the head of the Nursing Union, says that the six unions in the Trade Union Association will meet to discuss the proposed changes. She adds that industrial strikes are never intended to put lives and social assets at risk.

The Trade Union Association consists of the Nursing Union, the Teachers’ Union, the Pedagogue Union, Tórshavn’s Female Workers’ Union, Tórshavn’s Male Workers’ Union and the Academics’ Union.

Trade unions with members working for national transport company Strandfaraskip Landsins have signed a contract which states that ferries must remain in operation for at least 21 days during a work stoppage. In such situations, timetables will be limited, except for services to Svínoy, Fugloy and Skúvoy.

The transport ministry is currently looking into the relevant legislation in our neighbouring countries.

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