Stylish new educational centre opens

10.08.2018 - 13:36
Stylish new educational centre opens
The public were treated to a grand opening ceremony yesterday as the new Glasir educational centre at Marknagil in Tórshavn was officially opened
Some 3,500 members of the public attended the day-long event

The long-awaited opening of Tórshavn’s new educational centre, Glasir, took place yesterday.

The ceremony included music performance and speeches from prominent figures.

Ewald Kjølbro, the CEO of Landsverk (The Road Authority), spoke of the challenges and successes associated with managing the largest on-land construction project in the country’s history.

“The building covers a total area of 19,500 square metres. More than 150 people have been involved in the construction on a daily basis. The total project cost is DKK 636,5 million, which is DKK 32,600 per square metre.

“When I compare this to other major building projects, I think it is fair to say that we are seeing great value for the taxpayers’ money.”

The Minister of Culture, Rigmor Dam, agreed with Kjølbro’s point, adding that educating young people is and should be the most important investment for the Faroes.

Other speakers at the event included Bogi Bech Jensen, CEO of Glasir, Gunnvør Balle, the head of the culture committee at Tórshavn City Council and Bjarke Ingels, CEO of BIG, the Danish architectural firm which designed the new building.

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