Coach: beating Malta is a must

07.09.2018 - 11:52
Coach: beating Malta is a must
The Faroese national football team must come out on top in tonight’s Nations League home game against Malta, says Lars Olsen
Lars Olsen, coach of the Faroese national football team

To finish in the top half of the group, we simply must win home games like this one where the teams are basically at the same level.

This is the message from Lars Olsen, the coach of the Faroese national football team, ahead of tonight’s home game against Malta in the UEFA Nations League competition.

After impressive results in the previous qualifiers in which the Faroese team reached a total of nine points, many commentators say that the Faroese team is now the best it has ever been.

“An increasing number of our players now have regular places in teams abroad,” says Olsen.

“So, on that basis, things have never looked brighter than right now. But, as always, we need to prove our worth on the pitch.”

The last game between the Faroes and Malta was a training match in 2013, which Malta won 3-2. The last time Malta played in the Faroes was in a training match in 2004. This time the Faroes won 3-2.

In 1997, the two nations met twice in the World Cup qualifiers. The Faroes won both these games 2-1.

Tonight’s game starts at 7:45 pm and will be broadcast live on Kringvarp Føroya’s radio and TV channels, and on the website.

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