Difficult to fill GP positions

07.09.2018 - 13:20
Difficult to fill GP positions
Three people applied for the ten GP vacancies advertised recently, and only two of the positions have now been filled

The shortage of general practitioners is set to continue as eight of the ten GP positions advertised in June remain vacant.

In June, Heilsutrygd (the Public Health Insurance) advertised ten GP vacancies. Only three applications came in. Two positions have now been filled, while the third application is still being processed.

In Tórshavn, 1,090 people are currently not registered with a GP surgery. On a national level, 13,176 citizens do not have a regular GP, but have access to temporary replacement doctors.

This means that 37,153 citizens have a regular GP. After 1 October, an additional 1,500 will have a regular GP, as Amalia Danielsen opens an office in the Berjabrekka 1 surgery in Tórshavn.

There is a total of 33 GP surgeries in the Faroes, and from 1 October there will be 25 general practitioners.

Tórshavn lacks three GPs, Suðuroy two, the Skálafjørður district lacks two, and the Gøtudalur surgery in Fuglafjørður district lacks one.

Heilsutrygd says that another two GP surgeries will be set up to meet the demand – one in Tórshavn and one in the Norðuroyggjar district – but it unclear when they will open. These surgeries will initially be manned by temporary replacement doctors.

In the meantime, Heilsutrygd advises those with no regular GP to call the existing GPs and hope to get through there.

Translated by prosa.fo

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