Workforce continues to grow

10.09.2018 - 14:19
Workforce continues to grow
In June, the number of employed people in the Faroes topped 27,000 for the first time

The number of employed people in June 2018 was 27,066, 14,064 men and 13,002 women.

This number has been on a steady rise since 2013, according to Statistics Faroe Islands.

For the first time, wage earners in the construction industry now outnumber those in the fisheries/raw materials industry.

In this context, the construction industry comprises shipyards, building and construction, energy and water supplies and other industrial services.

The fisheries/raw materials industry comprises fishery, fish farming, agriculture and raw materials.

A wage earner is in this context defined as being aged 16-74, residing in the Faroes during the payment period and having an earned income equal to or higher than an unskilled worker in a given month.

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