Rental car Act accelerated

10.10.2018 - 08:54
Rental car Act accelerated
The finance minister wants the law on sales of rental cars to take effect retrospectively from September even though it has not yet been passed

Finance minister Kristina Háfoss wants car dealers to pay more VAT for selling vehicles which were originally registered as rental cars.

One of the reasons for the proposal is the suspicion that some car dealers register vehicles as rental cars but instead of actually renting them out, they are being sold VAT-free after only a few months, says Háfoss.

The presentation date of the law on sales of rental cars was 28 September, and now the minister wants the law to take effect retrospectively from that date.

The law has not been passed in Parliament, nor has it taken effect. The proposal to expedite the law is currently being discussed by the Finance Committee.

Vehicles registered as rental cars before that date can be sold VAT-free under the current law.

The government expects to receive DKK 20m more in VAT annually from this change.

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