Manure case postponed

02.11.2018 - 10:43
Manure case postponed
The court has shelved the hearing of the case regarding a farmer who breached the rules about manuring

Earlier this year, farmer Regin Borðoy pleaded guilty to breaching the manuring regulations, and all that remained was to pass the sentence.

However, since Borðoy’s guilty plea came after the official court hearing of the case, no sentence has yet been passed.

He is accused of breaching the manuring regulations from 2012, which state that manuring is only allowed between 15 March and 15 October.

Borðoy claims that he fertilised the grass on his farm on 27 February this year because all his compost heaps were full. In addition to his own compost heap, he rents two more from his neighbours. All three were emptied on 15 October last year.

The farmer says he has not invested in a new compost heap because he has been waiting for the biogas plant to open.

To reduce the amount of manure on his farm, he has now rented out ten percent of his milk quotas to another farmer.

As this is the first case of its kind, the bailiff decided to bring the case before the court to determine the penalty.

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