Vágur City Council seeks legal advice

07.11.2018 - 08:21
Vágur City Council seeks legal advice
Lawyers are looking into a dispute between Vágur City Council and the Ministry of Finance regarding the city’s multisports hall
Dennis Holm, mayor of Vágur.

Vágur City Council has asked a legal team to check whether the finance ministry is authorised to intervene in its decision-making regarding the ‘Marghøllin’ multisports hall. This comes after City Councillors last week were threatened with fines for “not fulfilling their duties” because they have not included the Marghøllin in the council budget.

Mayor Dennis Holm says that the council will not address the issue until the lawyers reach a conclusion.

He argues that since the Marghøllin is owned and administered by the local sports council, and that the City Council’s only involvement in this matter is that it pays the rent, it makes no sense to threaten City Councillors with a fine.

The finance ministry maintains that if the Marghøllin is not included in the 2019 budget, which has a submission deadline of 1 December, Vágur’s City Councillors will face fines.

Translated by prosa.fo

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