Exercise in a doping-free environment

04.01.2019 - 10:20
Exercise in a doping-free environment
Sports authority wants to ensure that gyms are doping-free environments

Physical exercise is an important part of life, but not all gyms provide the right conditions for a healthy workout.

This is the view of the Faroese Confederation of Sports (ÍSF), which has compiled a list of doping-free health clubs.

So far, eight Faroese health clubs have signed up with Antidoping Danmark/Føroyar in a deal that allows antidoping representatives to take random tests of health club members.

Last year, which was the first year with official doping tests, saw 36 people being tested, in sports disciplines such as football, handball, rowing, swimming, judo, boxing and gymnastics.

The tests were carried out in Klaksvík, Runavík, Norðagøta, Tórshavn, Vestmanna, Sandavágur and Vágur.

According to the Faroese doping inspectors, sports people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of doping.

Translated by prosa.fo

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